And you thought party-planning wasn’t part of your job description.

Somehow you don’t remember accepting the role of “event production specialist” when you signed on. It must have been in that same paragraph that described all those other responsibilities you never knew you had until the day-after-tomorrow deadline was announced. Not to worry. We’ll get you through this thing, and I’ll help make a hero out of you in the process.

Will you be sipping Dom Perignon, or chugging Budweiser?
What’s your corporate culture? Are your co-workers more likely to swoon over Rhianna or Rita Wilson? Will table dancing be the order of the evening, or will it be sophisticated mingling? Our objective is to find out what makes your gang tick, so we can help you custom-design an event that perfectly suits your style. If an outgoing, energetic performer fits the bill, I can deliver. But if a refined, low-key entertainer is more appropriate, I can provide that, as well. Raucous or elegant – it’s your call.

Musical salad.

Johnny Mathis. Johnny Cash. Johnny Rotten. All of them had smash hit records, and each one – for the most part – appealed to a very different group of listeners. The chances are good that you’ll have a fairly eclectic mix of people at your party, and that’s why I have more than 50,000 tunes in my all-digital music library. I’ve got Cranberries, Cream, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Meatloaf. Quite a musical DJ buffet in Vancouver. Variety is an absolute key to keeping folks on the dance floor, so it’s perfectly fine to request that The Beach Boys and The Beastie Boys be played in the same evening. I will artfully blend the different genres into a logical, danceable sequence.  Jimmy Buffet or Jimi Hendrix. David Bowie or David Cassidy. Just let me know.

•    Christmas Parties

•    Retirement Parties

•    Employee Appreciation

•    Client Appreciation

•    Company Awards

•    Formal Dinner/Dances

•    Cocktail Receptions

•    Grand Openings

•    Product Launches

•    Fashion Shows

•    Trade Shows

•    and more …

ACDJ ENTERTAINMENT has entertainment for any style of corporate function, the traditional holiday, summer, or simple ‘thank you’ parties for your employees to relax and enjoy themselves at, as well as family get-togethers, team building events, retreats, and conferences. I am professional and willing to accommodate any requests to make your event all the more enjoyable, and come attired appropriate to your event. In addition, in the case of specific ‘themed’ events I am more than willing to include music, staging, decorations, and be in costume as need be.

To ensure that your staff will get to hear the music they want, I offer request sheets that they are able to write their request down and give it to me. I have a full DJ music library on site in Vancouver and will make sure that all your guests hear what they like… as long as it’s a good song that doesn’t take people away from the PARTY at hand!

ACDJ ENTERTAINMENT is a high energy Vancouver DJ plus interactive show to boost the level of entertainment and get all your staff involved at your upcoming event. My party service includes a variety of costumes, dances, activities, and some great laughs to allow your guests to relax and enjoy themselves. I bring great prizes and work with you to make sure you are the rock star on Monday morning!

We would love to hear from you regarding your Corporate Events Party! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.